Inventurist AI supercharges qualitative business research and strategic decision making

With Inventurist AI, you get a virtual team of AI agents working for you – researching, analyzing, identifying leading indicators of growth, and surfacing scenarios for business growth to power strategic decisions.

Qualitative Business Research at Scale with the power of AI

Your Inventurist AI agents research massive amount of documents across the entire business ecosystem. Unstructured data gets analyzed, structured and scored, building a knowledge base for your enterprise and adapting to your evolving needs.

The research persists asynchronously and remains up to date

Deep and Innovative Analysis of Factors that affect Business Growth

Inventurist AI’s proprietary technology uses the principles of sensemaking to surface leading indicators of growth.

Massive loads of unstructured information get indexed and deeply interlinked across key growth factors to generate growth scenarios that reveal hidden connections and innovative trajectories.

Growth scenarios expand your decision making horizon



Inventurist AI helps enterprises:

Who’s benefiting from Inventurist AI?

R & D

Build new products that customers want

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Product Management

Stay informed about competitors'product features

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Validate what message resonates the most with customers

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Discover emerging application.

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Business Development

Find out what adjacencies are a good fit for expansion

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Corporate Strategy and M & A

Validate the big bets

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Ventures & Investment

Find the right companies before anybody else

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See what our customers say

“Inventurist was used as a strategic support platform to help doing data driven business decision e.g. what customer segment to focus on”

CTO, Qlair (Mann+Hummel)

“The Inventurist platform helps product managers refine and fine tune their product strategy by providing supporting evidence on the product domain and competitors.”

Director, Product Management

“We were impressed by the depth and breadth of the resulting data and are now investigating further opportunities to leverage the platform for business model refinement in innovation projects”

Global Innovation Lead